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Unstoppable Movement for Constitutional Accountability


Many community Activists took the view that they can no longer remain passive while a community is going to ruin due to rot setting in with strategic municipal assets not being maintained over decades. Many actions with Thought Leaders and Champions of Industry later, and the GT421 CIP NPC, a non-profit Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) was born.

GT421 CIP NPC, trading as the Emfuleni Change Intervention Programme (CIP) is constituted as a Non-Profit Company (NPC) in terms of the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) of South Africa, with registration number 2021/981693/08. It is not owned by any one organisation; it is an organisation leveraging the best project management professionals in the business with over 133 man-years of massive-scale global project experience (with the largest exceeding US$4.6 billion)..

Organisation Structure

Set up Your own CIP Now!

This CIP Model is replicable; this whole website can be cloned in under 10 seconds, and within a fraction of the time it would take you to reinvent this wheel, you can have your own CIP website up and running, with your own corporate branding and custom content. The URL of your very own CIP could look like this:

https://???.cip21.online where ??? denotes the short name of your municipality. We will uphold the naming standard adopted by the Municipal Demarcation Board, e.g., Emfuleni is coded as GT421. Therefore, the link for the Emfuleni CIP would look like this: https://gt421.cip21.online. However, this is a fully autonomous website, and it will be customized with your own content, corporate branding, images, news articles, et al. YOUR site.

Get in touch, we will get you going fast!

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